Friday, June 27, 2008

Camera Questions

I answered in the Comments section of a previous post, but I'll post here too so folks don't have to go looking. =)

1. I shoot with a Nikon D70 digital SLR
2. All the shots posted in the past few days were shot with my new 50mm lens with maximum aperture 1.8.
3. I'm not even close to being a "pro". Up until 4-5 weeks ago, I relied on intuition and trying to shoot the pictures I saw in my head. Being a scrapbooker really helped with that as well, but I wanted to know how to use my camera.
4. I'm currently taking Karen Russell's "Snapshots of a Good Life" online photography course - and highly recommend it. At this point the waiting list for the course extends into the fall of 2008 - but it really is worth the wait.

Let me know if there are more questions!

=) Nona


Andrea said...

Hi Nona, thanks for posting that! I was wondering the same thing. I'm looking at the D60. Do you know if you can use any lens with the different cameras nikon has?
Great pics, and such a cutie pie little girl!

nonapearl said...

Hi Andrea,
When you purchase a lens, just check that it is compatible with the Nikon. Most camera shops/websites will have lists of lenses by camera that it will work with.

Andrea said...

Thanks, Nona! I'm so nervous I will buy the wrong camera! Big expense so I want to make sure I know what I'm doing:)

Anonymous said...

I totally want to do the Karen Russell class now! Argh! Always have to wait for the things I want in life.

Well, I'd love to hear more about the class from someone who is in it, if you have time. Thanks for the tip about it. I really want to be better at photographs. Blessings!

faithfulmommy (at) comcast (dot) net

-Alissa H.