Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Seaside Aquarium

We went to the Seaside Aquarium yesterday. As far as aquariums go, it wasn't the greatest - espeically compared to the Seattle Aquarium. This one was small, with only a few interesting fish. But the important thing was that we had fun as a family. =)

It was also a great opportunity for me to try out some newly learned photography skills - mainly adjusting elements in the exposure triangle (ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed) to take nice shots in an EXTREMELY low light environment. For the most part, I kept my aperture at 1.8 for these shots, my ISO between 800-1200 and my shutter speed between 1/500-1/2500 of a second. I was shooting in Aperture Priority mode so I selected the ISO and aperture, and my camera automatically chose shutter speed.

I hope you enjoy!


Traci said...

Nona- I'm loving the photos you are taking and visit your blog daily- did I miss it? Did you post what type of camera you have? We are looking into a new camera and are looking for suggestions.
Traci- a CTMH sister.

~Cindy~ said...

love your photos you are very talented, someone on SCS linked your youtube of the quilt card...I absolutely loved it sooo much in fact I tried my hand at making one..(its on my blog if you want to see it) it is no where near as gorgeous as yours but I am very pleased with it. My mom is a quilter so I will send her the card..thanks for sharing your lovely skills and talents..

Jena said...

Wow, great photos! You've got talent, girl! Love your July cards, too! Hope you're having a great week!