Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A new family member

We have a new birdie in the house. Our friends needed to find a new home for her, and we thought Oscar might want some company as well.

We named her Maya. It was Dave's idea - Oscar and Maya - Oscar Maya - get it? Say it out loud if you don't and think of famous lunch meat. ;)

Here she is. She was moving all around getting used to her new environment, and trying to find a way into Oscar's cage, so it was tough to get a good shot.

Here's our boy Oscar.

Here's Maya trying to find a way over to Oskie's cage. I think they will grow to love eachother soon. Then we can move them into one cage. After that we have to try and break both of their nasty seed habit and on to eating "healthy, nourishing food" (as Sammie likes to quote from her Berenstein Bears book Too Much Junk Food).

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Jenn said...

Your birdies are absolutely beautiful!!! Great names too!!! :D