Friday, June 13, 2008

Picture Friday

For those that don't know, I'm currently taking Karen Russell's 8 week online photography class, "Snapshots of a Good Life". It is an amazing class, and I'm learning SOOOOO much!

For last week's assignment we had to do a little "outing" and take shots that followed rules of composition. Here are a few of my favorite shots...

Leading Lines - the bars of the bridge lead your eye up the photo to the subject -Sammie. Also a good use of balance, and I filled the frame with the story (playing at the park) vs. just the subject.

Framing - I framed my subject with the big toy beams. Also a good example of the rule-of-thirds - Samantha's eyes are in the upper left intersection (If you were to separate the photo into thirds vertically and horizontally, the point where those lines meet are called intersections. A photo with good use of the rule-of-thirds will have the focal point -the subject's eyes, or other key element - at an intersection.)

My Favorite shot of the day...
This uses active space well. Sam and Dave were looking off to the right at birds, and there is space in the photo for their eyes to move. It is also a good example of off-center orientation which in photograpy is typically more visually pleasing than perfectly centered photos.

All in all - I'm *loving* this class. We are learning about ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed this week, and what I've discovered is that I need a new lens if I want to start getting the artistic shots I see in my head. My lens' maximum Aperture is 3.5 and my ideal is more like 1.2-1.8. So I'm going to try and scrape together some CTMH money and go lens shopping this weekend.

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Sanela Kubiak said...

Nona, you have beautiful subject/s to take the photos of. Your precious daughter is just too cute. I love the pictures you post here and I love your art. Good luck with the class.

Kari said...

I took a mini Karen Russell Photography class last August at my LSS.... I learned more in that 6hour class, than I ever thought possible... I too am on the lookout for a new 50mm lens...but the ones for my camera... are a little pricy right now.

Did she recommend the Understanding Exposure Book? Good book... I am on my second read... hoping to improve more.

Kari G CTMH sister