Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Quickie

Here's my latest "Quickie" card tutorial. It's just a fast, simple and sweet card featuring watercolor crayons applied with a waterbrush.

I had scribbled the crayons on waxed paper for a class and picked the color up with the waterbrush. You can also color directly on your project and blend with a waterbrush (or paintbrush dipped in water).

The music is a flashback to my jr. high/high school days. This was one of my all-time fave songs. Does that date me a bit? :) Enjoy!


Sandra T. said...

That song takes me back to high school too! I remember the music video with that cute little girl in the bumble bee outfit. Great video and card tutorial.
Sandra T.
CTMH sister

Katie said...

Love it Nona! Both the project and the song are great! A little flashback to high school for me too! Thanks for sharing!


Melissa said...

Thanks Nona,
I just recieved my watercolor crayons and have been chicken to use them!! Great Tutorial!!