Monday, August 25, 2008

Hank and Molly

We were back at Mom's on Saturday night to celebrate Dave's birthday and got to see the puppies again!

Here is little Hank. He is such a love sponge. He's not as playful as Molly, and much prefers to snuggle up near your feet. He's also smaller than Molly - she's got long, long legs and Hank is a little more squat. My mom says that Molly is shaped like a gazelle and Hank is shaped like a potato. Hehe.. It isn't far off from the truth.

Molly is checking me out with Hank behind her in his favorite spot next to Papa Rick. Doggies wanting in on the treats - Happy Birthday Dave!
Molly watches Sammie doing silly things in the yard. I have such a little lady.
Hank is looking for kisses.


Lisa said...

Adorable pics Nona, especially the "little lady" one LOL
Kids are so much fun!

Barb W said...

Such sweet photos Nona. TFS

Trinka said...

Love the lab pics....I got my lab yelow lab in april and he is the best dog.

Regina said...

The dogs are so cute!! Samantha is just as beautiful as ever. I miss you guys so much!!

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...


Cease and Desist! ROFLMBO!

I have no self control... must have another puppy in my home! LOL!

Won't do it... won't go to the shelter today... nope... saving gas money ... not going to get a furrbaby sister/brother for Sadie....


I resisted.

They are absolutely darling babies!


Inky Smiles,

sharalyns said...

So cute! Gotta love girls in dresses romping around (that's why I wore shorts underneath through 8th garde when mom stopped making me wear dresses all the time). :-)