Monday, August 4, 2008


Well I'm finally home....

What a whirlwind week! Convention was awesome, yet again. I'm always so energized and have so many great ideas for my business after attending the CTMH functions.

Christine and I had a blast rooming together and teaching together at Extravaganza. Thank you to all the people who took our class! I also loved, loved, loved hanging out with old and new friends that I only get to see at these events. Thank you for all the laughs ladies!

Of course this year was incredibly special because the album I made about Evan took first place in the Artwork Contest!!!! YAY!!!! And, the lovely convention goers voted my album as the Consultant's Choice as well! It was such a blessing to get to share my story, and so overwhelming to win. I got to meet with Jeanette (CTMH CEO and founder) and talk with her and have my photo with her. (Once they email it to me I'll post it).

So many people came up to me and shared their adoption stories - both good and bad. Two of the more special stories I heard actually came from birth moms. I have so much respect and awe for these women. They are brave, compassionate, and incredibly strong for making the choice that they did. I hope they know how much I appreciate them for taking the time to share their stories with me.

I'll begin posting Evan's book page by page today. I took over 70 pictures of the album before mailing it in to corp - so it's not something I can sit down and post all at once. And once that's up, I'll start posting the artwork from our Extravaganza class as well.

Thanks for reading!


Meagan said...

I am so proud! :D I know I've told you that already but couldn't resist saying it again. Can't wait to see pictures.

Do you get to keep the album or did Corporate keep it?

nonapearl said...

Thanks sis!

I get to keep the album, but corp has it for a while to take pics. They should be mailing it back to me in a few weeks.

=) Nona

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nona! How awesome! I can't wait to see the album and read the touching stories!

Jessie Brophy
Fellow CTMH Consultant

Kathi C. said...

Congratulations, Nona! I'm so happy that your beautiful album received first place. More than anything, I admire the strength that so obviously comes from your faith and your ability to share it. I will look forward to seeing every page and reading every word of Evan's Story. Thank you for sharing it.

Shannon said...

Nona - Out of all the people I met this year at Convention I would have to say that getting the opportunity to meet you was by far one of my very favorite moments and I am so bummed that we didn't take a moment to get our picture taken together. Silly me! LOL

I've always known of you and have admired you and the great things you have accomplished, but to be blessed with the few moments that we were able to share together was truly an honor. :) Your album was beyond gorgeous! Absolutely breathtaking in every sense of the word. So heart-telling, so heart-breaking - I fall apart every time I look at it or think back to the moment that you accepted the honor on stage...which basically means that I'm a mess this morning, can you tell? LOL

But seriously, I am so proud that you won such an incredible honor from CTMH...I know it doesn't help to undo the pain you have experienced but I hope that it helps to soften the ache a bit so that your mending can continue. Your future is so bright and your spirit so gentle...I know that growth, success, and peace are on your horizon so just keep moving forward and you will find it.

Shannon Buck :)

Rebecca (Becca) Clark said...

Wow Nona your story has brought tears to my eyest that I have yet to stop. I am so proud of you and your story. Congratulations to winning first place. You are an inspiration to more people than you know!