Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"But I'm Curious!"

Last night Dave finished off a pan of brownies, except for a small square that I asked him to save for Samantha - for her to enjoy AFTER she had a good lunch. Sammie is typically very good about asking before taking, and rarely does she help herself to food, so I had no problem with Dave just leaving it out on the counter.

This morning our sweet girl helped herself to the treat (she often gets up before me). The Holy Spirit must have been nudging on her soul, because she woke me up and confessed - or maybe she was bragging. I really couldn't tell. I sent her to time out - because she knows she's not allowed to help herself to dessert. Then we had a little talk and she apologized...

Sammie: "I'm sorry mommy"
Me: "I forgive you, honey"
S: "But I was curious!"
M: "Sam, sometimes being curious is wrong."
S: "Well George can be curious all the time He helps himself to food."
M: "George doesn't live in our house. We have different rules than he does. If George lived with us, he would be in time out a LOT!"
S: "Oh. Cuz he bees naughty?"
M: "That's right."
S: "If George lived here we'd have to get bunkbeds!"

And the conversation went on from there. It just amazes me that at 3 1/2 Sam has such an incredible grasp on negotiating. She knows the rules, but she's started to make excuses for why she does naughty things. It fascinates me that such a little kid could pull such great arguments out of her head. She will definitely keep me on my toes.


Meagan said...

Ahhh ... too funny. Sam is something else, that's for sure!

We are the Moses tribe. said...

What a precocious little girl you have. I love the things kids say and how their minds work.

Katie said...

Reminds me of Micah. The other day we were at my friend Emily's house. She has two boys, Benjamin and Ethan, same ages as Micah and Caleb. Micah and Benjamin were arguing over a toy, and Micah said, "Benjamin, it's not like I'm going to be here forever. When I leave you can play with it all you want." :) I think I have a little Eric Husby on my hands.

nonapearl said...

Katie - that is hilarious! You certainly do.

We miss you guys! Hugs!


Katie said...

What a little smartie you have on your hands! It sounds like a very fun conversation to me! Whenever my middle son throws a fit, he always tells me that he must have had some sugar earlier. It's become the old stand by of an excuse. The other day after a fit, he said "Mom, I just don't know what happened. I mean, I didn't have any sugar or anything. I'm sorry." Man-oh-man...aren't these little moments what makes life fun!? Thanks for sharing your story Nona!