Monday, September 29, 2008

okay, okay - I'll model

So none of my cute friends came forward to model mobius scarves for me. Ahh shucks... that means I had to model them myself.

I doubt that Tyra and the gang would be very complimentary of my shots, but I did try to "smile with my eyes" and be "fierce". LOL! Anyway, here's a better look at how the mobius scarves fit an adult. I tried to get shots with and without a coat so you can see how they fit and don't bunch under like normal scarves.

Also, if you are considering ordering a mobius, please know that I'm currently about 2-3 weeks out on getting orders through. So if you are thinking about one for a Christmas gift, you may want to get your name on my list relatively soon (say in the next week or two) to ensure that it ships in time. For color selection, scroll down two posts. Neck warmers are $25, hoodies $40, and scarves $40. Shipping is approximately $5 each (but I can combine shipping on multiple orders).

Neck Warmer in light green (no coat)

Neck Warmer (with coat)

Neck Warmer (side/back view)

Hoodie in fall variegated (no coat)
Hoodie (with coat)

Hoodie (with coat and hood up)

Full Scarf (it's fixed! Yay!) in Pink Punch (no coat)

Scarf (with coat)

Tomorrow my goal is to do some paper crafting in addition to knitting, so I'll have something new and fun to post. =)


Katie said...

You make a beautiful model Nona! I think Tyra would be proud! :-)

Have a wonderful day!


Stephanie said...

hey Nona
very very pretty and cozy looking.
I LOVE your new hair colour too!!!
you are beautiful.

Nicole said...

Loving these!!! I'm definitely going in search of a pattern. Of course with my newly found knitting skills (using the term loosely), you may still be getting orders from me--LOL!

Great modeling too ;)