Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to me (a little early)

It seems a tradition has sprung up at our home in the last few years. Although mainly occurring with Dave, this tradition has suddenly wormed its way into my heart as well. What tradition am I referring to? Early birthday presents.

I'm not talking about a day or two early either. No.... try MONTHS early! It all began in 2005 when my sweet hubby wanted a new stereo system for his birthday (which is at the end of August). We happened to be visiting friends in Portland in May, who just happened to work at Target, where they just happened to get a 10% discount. And by sheer coincidence alone Target sold the very system that Dave had been eyeing! It was fate! HA!

Long story short, Dave got his stereo in May, and didn't have to wait until the end of August to use it. Fast forward to 2006. Dave managed to swindle an iPod with two months to spare. In 2007 he got $300 in new work clothes, this time only a month early. Moving forward to this year, Dave got a new, cool, snazzy pedal board thingee to use with his Variax electric guitar (in APRIL!).

So, following his example (and knowing that with the adoption our funds will become increasingly more limited as time goes by), I picked out and purchased and have now been using MY birthday gift this year - which is at the end of November. I "received" 43 of the most wonderful, amazing markers in the world - Copic Sketch! I'm in love... now if only I could figure out how to get the rest of the 301 colors.... sigh!

Here's some pics of what I've been doing with them:


Barb W said...

Oh Nona! Aren't the Copic markers just THE best! I honestly won't use any other now. I got mine for my Anniversary in April. Can I just say...I LOVE LOVE LOVE my markers! I love how nicely they lay color down and with just the lightest touch you can put color in the tiniest of spots. Your colored images are very nice, you've done a great job,but of course! you're NONA! ;D Now I try to purchase 10 or so a month. Enjoy those yummy markers...I'm gonna go play with mine now. :) TFS.Blessings~Barb

Oh! I saw your wonderful pages in the CTMH KeyNotes. Congrats! Great prizes you got,too! Your pages were beautiful and very deserve the prize!

nonapearl said...

Thanks Barb!

I'm still getting the hang of the markers. Hoping to go to a copic cert class sometime.


Kelly Schelske said...

Aren't they fabulous!! Fabulous coloring!!

Sara said...

I am so jealous. I have seen such beautiful work on the blogs with Copics - and yours is great by the way. I ordered a set of 3 with some stamps the other day, soon to arrive. I can't wait to try them.

I do have question though: Where is the best place you have seen to get them? Any recommendations?

Stacy said...

Love it! Early birthday presents are the best! :-)

nonapearl said...

Sara - has sketch markers for $3.95 each.

=) smiles, Nona

Katie said...

How fun to have an early birthday present and especially such a nice one! I can't wait to see all of the beautiful artwork that you'll create with those!!


Jenn said...

How fun! I knew it wouldn't be long once you got bit by the copic bug, lol. Can't wait to see what wonderful things you create with them!

And is it REALLY still 3 weeks until our next scrap night!?! Ugh.... That seems so far away. I just have so much fun with you girls!