Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Mobius - my latest passion!

Any long time reader of my blog knows that my other passion is knitting. (My first passion being scrapbooking or Dave - depending on who you ask. Oooh wait - there's photography too. hmmm...)

Any long time reader of my blog knows that one of my MANY passions is knitting. ;) This summer I discovered a unique scarf in the knitting shop in Cannon Beach, OR. It was like a scarf, but with a connected circular band shape instead of long rectangle. It also had a curious twist and no matter how diligently I looked, I could not find a seam! Curious and baffled, I inquired of the store manager how on earth this was done. She smiled knowingly at me, and then led me to Cat Bordhi's book on Magical Knitting. $80 later (you know I needed the book, and some new needles AND yarn or course!) and I was completely hooked.

Since this summer I've knitted over 10 of these beauties, and am now starting to drift away from patterns and do some experimenting on my own. Below is a picture of the three mobii (or is it mobiuses?) I knit this week. All three were done in a really nice acrylic blend of yarn that is super soft, super think and SUPER warm! (normally i prefer natural fibers, but well... this yarn is yummy.)

The green one is a neck warmer for an adult, but as you'll see could also work well for a small child. I love it because it is very elegant on, and warm, but is much less bulky than a normal scarf. You can wear it with a coat without getting those weird bulges under the coat, or tails that fly away and come untucked when left out of the coat. Genius right?!?!

The pink one is a scarf and about 30 inches long from neck to bottom and 10" wide (and looks fabulous doubled around the neck). I plan to redo it to have a rib like the others. It looks a little scrawny in the picture, but in actuality it's quite lush. Changing it to a rib will make a big difference in that area.

Finally, the unfinished one is going to be modified into a neck warmer/hoodie. It is slightly taller and wider that the normal neck warmer so that it can be pulled up over the ears like a hood, but still keep the neck fully covered and warm. I'll be sure to model it when it's done. :)

I'll be selling these on my etsy shop soon... As soon as I can get some decent pictures of them - and maybe a cute adult model. I feel funny modeling my own knits - I wonder if people see me wearing the items if they will still want to buy them. Weird, I know...

Anyway - the proceeds from these knits will all go toward our adoption fund. The neck warmers will be $25, the neck warmer hoodies will be $30, and the full scarves will be $35. If you likey, you can place your order with me now and skip etsy altogether! I'll have a whole rainbow of colors to choose from as well. My "willing" and ever so lovely model. See how elegant the twist is - and how the neck warmer lays so nicely against the chest? Obviously this is pretty big on Sammie. It's meant for an adult neck and would be more snug to keep out the cold.This is what the hoodie will look like from the front:
and the side:
The adult neck warmer size actually works well as a child's hoodie size.
Funny thing about this green one. My husband saw me finishing it up and immediately asked if it was for him! I told him he could have it if he agreed to advertise for me. Haha... So you if you have a hard to shop for man in your life, he might like one too. =)
My email address is if you want to email me about getting a mobius of your very own. I'll try to get a color swatch up soon!


JRHarris said...

I absolutely LOVE these and know my mom would too (for Christmas!) I couldn't find your e-mail address, can you e-mail me?

JRHarris said...

It would help to add my e-mail address . . .

Katie said...

Oh my goodness Nona!! I'm going to HAVE to have a hoodie one!! These are just beautiful! What colors do you offer and when can I buy it?!! My email address is

oh yea...your model is just the cutest thing ever!


Stacy said...

For a split second, I was excited, and then I remembered that I live in Florida! They are beautiful!

Meagan said...

*giggle!snort* Oh my. Sammie is just too funny. I love the comment about your "willing" model -- coupled with the great pic of Sammie right after. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that picture of your daughter modeling made me laugh out loud! Thanks for posting that. It is an awesome picture.