Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yarn Colors

First, thank you to the several lovely ladies who have ordered mobius scarves from me! I am so excited to be able to create these for you and your friends, and be able to raise money for our adoption!
To make color selection a little easier, here are a few pictures of the yarns I have avaliable.

Colors (left to right, from the top): Black, Light Green, Pink Punch,
Carmel, Fall Variegated, Royal Blue,
Red, Pumpkin, Purple, Brown Variegated

Close up of Fall Variegated

Black, Light Green, Pink Punch

Fall Variegated, Purple, Royal Blue, Brown Variegated

Carmel, Red, Pumpkin


Charla Lang said...

You are making me want to curl up under the fireplace and take a nap. Beautiful colors.

Beth said...

I would love you to post tips on taking pics!!! your yarn just looks so beautiful!! My pics are so boring!!!