Sunday, November 23, 2008

40,000 Hits Blog Candy Challenge

For those who are interested, yesterday went AMAZINGLY well. =) I'm so pleased, and very thankful to all those who came to shop. I'll be drawing a name in about 4 hours for the Scrapbook raffle, and will post results at 5 pm.

In the meantime, I'd like to do a little blog candy challenge. This challenge will be a way to honor our men and women in uniform (and celebrate 40,000 hits on my blog! WOW!) The challenge is to make one or more Christmas cards, and write in it a heartfelt message of encouragment. Then, send your card(s) to a serviceman/woman you know, or even better, send one to the address below and bless the day of a wounded soldier. They may not get any other cards this year - wouldn't it be incredible if they got one from you?

Be sure to take a picture of your card, post to your blog, and then comment here. You'll earn one entry ticket in my drawing for blog candy. If you post this challenge on your blog as well, you'll earn TWO entry tickets. I'll do the drawing next week - Sunday, Nov 30th (which also happens to be my birthday! YAY!)

Here is one of my cards for a soldier:

And here is the address to mail your cards:

(This has been SNOPES approved!)

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Also, please note that there are regulations regarding this program - 1. Cards must be post marked by December 10, 2008. 2. Please sign all cards, unsigned cards will be thown away. 3. No letters, cards only as this makes the review process go more quickly. 4. Do not include any personal information, or inserts, pictures, etc - this is not a pen pal program and they will be removed. 5. Please limit the number of cards to 25 per individual, or 50 per group.


Annie said...
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Meagan said...

Hi Nona! I did the challenge. (Can you believe it?) ;-) Direct link here: