Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today is the day!

Today is the day - the Bazaar with my mom! I'll update later today with the results (or maybe tomorrow if I'm zonked). Also, remember to get your raffle tickets purchased by 4:59 tomorrow! I'm closing the link after that, and will pull a winner at 5:00 pm sharp (pacific time).

Also, it looks like I'll hit 40,000 hits in the next day or two. (Thanks to my WONDERFUL readers!) As such I'd like to do a little blog candy. I'll post details on how to win tomorrow, but you can get started today by making a Christmas Card or two for a U.S. Soldier. Details to come...

=) Nona

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Alanna said...

Good luck on your bazaar. As long as there's good foot traffic, I'm sure you'll do fabulous and sell lots of stuff. If I lived close, I'd be there most definitely.