Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Card Class Cards

I forgot to post my card class cards (taught on Sunday, Monday and last night). I felt lacking in the creativity department - or maybe drained is a better word - and cased two of my cards from fellow CTMH consultants Bren Yule and Lisa Stenz.

All 3 cards:

This is the card by Bren Yule. I switched out a hat in place of the ear muffs.

This is Lisa Stenz' beautiful card. I love the simplicity, and was looking for a card to teach that my customers could replicate quickly and easily, but still have an elegant look.

Finally, this is the card I designed. It was meant to be a thanksgiving themed card. I used my pazzles to cut out the "g".
Sorry the pictures are a little dark. I had been playing with exposure compensation on my camera and forgot to set it back to zero. They looked fine on the little camera screen, and after pulling them up on my computer I was too lazy to retake them! ;)


ValAnn said...

Very nice cards! I followed your video for the gift cards yesterday - that is the quickest, neatest thing ever!! TFS!!

De said...

Love LOVE love them! The tree one is my favorite.I need to get that set.

Jenn said...

These are awesome Nona! I especially LOVE the 4 Seasons tree card!! This is SOOO going to be my christmas card that I send out this year!!! Thank you for the constant inspiration!

Barb W said...

Nona your cards turned out great! I was not too sure about the snowman set, but you've got him looking the best I've seen! the tree card is lovely, very serene, I love the color choices,too.

I've been sort of card challenged lately, too, so I've been spending time scrapbooking, sometimes it's nice to change up a bit.

AND...TAG! I've tagged you with a very different kind of tag. It's on my blog or you can just use this link.

Hope all is well with you and your family. Be Blessed!~Barb