Monday, January 5, 2009

A digi page

For Christmas, I purchased a gift for myself - Jessica Sprague's 3 part series on digital scrapbooking. I feel like I currently know enough to get by, but not enough to do the cool things I see others do. And it just irritates me to not know what certain buttons in photoshop do. =)

I started the first class today. It's a self paced class, and I like the video tutorial format. Jessica has a calm and easy-to-listen to voice, and takes great care in explaining what she is teaching. So far it has been mostly review, but I'm excited to learn more as I delve into lesson 2, 3 an 4.

This is the bonus assignment for lesson 1. I love this digi kit that is included in the class. I can see so many uses for the papers and embellishments!

ps... my watermark is obviously not included on the final version of this page. After a few issues in the past, I've just decided to be smart and watermark all photos I post from now on.


FieldsOfAngel said...

I bought this same set of classes! I am so glad that I did. I am really enjoying it.

Mommy Poulsen said...

What a beautiful layout. I have always wanted to learn how to digi scrap. Be sure to keep us posted on how you like it!

PS How do you add a watermark?

Clearly Inspired said...

Your layout turned out great! Thanks for the tip on the watermark. I will have to start doing that.

AWESOME layout!

nonapearl said...

You can use photoshop to add watermarks to your photos. You create text layer and then flatten it on your image - making sure you save a copy first.

Barb W said...

Nona, this layout is beautiful!! So calm and relaxing. Good for you taking the Jessica classes, I am sure you will learn lots!

Charlene Waymire said...

I signed up for Jessica's suite of classes too, but haven't worked on it in weeks. Your layout turned out beautiful!