Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost done

Here is another digi layout for the wedding album I'm working on. My goal is to finish this project today! Unfortunately, I have a horrible head cold and staring at a computer screen is not helping!

Anyway... I love how these pages turned out. I was going for a fairy tale/magical feel for these pages. Papers and embellishments are from the Jessica Sprague classes and Oscraps designers. Brushes are from Katie Pertiet and J. Gaylor. Oh! And Cathy reminded me of the photographer's name. It is Daniel Usenko and his website can be viewed here.

You can click on the picture to view it larger.


Barb said...

Lovely layout, Nona. I'd say you captured the fairy tale feeling you were aiming for. The colors and the flourishes are just beautiful! I love the scalloped circle back there, too.

I hope you feel better real soon! Sending you virtual chicken soup!


The Peterson Family said...

Wow, those photos are amazing! I would be totally intimidated to scrap them, but you did such a beautiful job - the LO matches the photos perfectly. Fabulous job as usual:)

Kim Burmeister said...

Nona, this is fabulous! These picture are awesome! Love your layout!

Michelle said...

Layout is beautiful. What do you do about printing it out when you are finished? My printer doesn't print that large, any suggestions about where to print...

nonapearl said...


I have my pages printed at costco - it's $3.00 for a 12x12 page. Then I just slip them in my album.

For this wedding album we'll be order the pages already printed and bound in a book. has some great quality books and the prices are really good. We used these for our adoption profile.

Hope this helps!

Leslie said...

Beautiful job as always! You always make such beautiful things. To bad you don't live closer I would pay you to teach me how to knit, I am totally knit challenged. Have a beautiful day1

nonapearl said...

Hi Leslie!

Thanks for visiting my blog. has some awesome free video tutorials on knitting! You should check them out!

=) Nona

Lisa said...