Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Sneak Peek!

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend - busy but productive. I completed Cathy's digital scrapbook of her son's wedding (50 pages!). I finished 3 knitting projects, finished reading book 4 of the Twilight series, hit the bank, post office, and yarn store, and designed invitations for an upcoming church auction.

On Saturday evening, Dave and I went on a date and saw Duplicity -eh... not as good as I had hoped. We had church this morning, and while he did homework and got the car's oil changed, I worked on crafty things. We rounded out the weekend by celebrating my step-dad's birthday tonight (yummy steak dinner at Outback and dessert back at their place).

Finally, and what brought me so much excitement that I stayed up until 1:30 am to finish (and now almost 2 am to blog about) - I just completed the finishing touches on my Kit of the Month for April! Here is a sneak peek - I think you'll love this great kit/instructions!

Come back on April 1st for all the details - and while that's not a joke, I'd love to hear some funny April fool's stories. Post your funniest TRUE april fools story here, and I'll pick one winner to receive the instructions for this Kit of the Month FREE!! ($5 value!)

Melanie - you're the winner! Send me an email so I can send you the instructions for free!


kookiekrumbs said...

I asked my husband to marry me on April Fools Day! He had wanted to ask me for awhile (I was 19 yrs old)He of course thought that I was pulling a prank on him! When he realized that I was serious he said yes! We have a great story now to tell our child and our grandchildren(in the future)!

Diane Kuhn said...

My father was a junior in college and fraternity member and my mother a freshman sorority member at the U of Missouri in 1950, when they were paired up on a blind date for a dance on April Fools Day. This year will mark 58years of marriage, 13 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren because of that April Fool's blind date, and their love for each other and Jesus Christ their Saviour!

Inkey Pingers said...

When my husband and I had only been married for about a year I had a friend of mine call and leave a message on our answering machine saying that he was from Gander Mountain and that my husband had won an all enclusive fishing excursion in Alaska for 7 days for two. When my hubby came home I said did you enter a drawing or something (as he often did) because someones on the answering maching? When he heard the message he started jumping up and down for joy, yelling and screaming. I pushed him over onto the bed and yelled, "April Fools!" Needless-to-say, he didn't think it was half as funny as I did. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this has to be the meanest/funniest.

Imagine my boyfriend(now husband) and I renting an apartment from my sister and her husband- I know...shouldn't have lived together before marriage...but stay with me here. There was a homeowners association there and if we ever got a notification, so did they. I had gotten one before for my barking dog and found out they got the exact same letter that we did.

Keeping in mind the duplicate letter, here's the story:

I was working late and my boyfriend called me when he got home from work and was going through the mail while we were on the phone.(Remember the duplicate letter) He goes, "What is this?" and proceeds to read me a letter from the homeowners that there have been complaints about us having loud, well, you know. First thought was, we aren't loud and the second thought was OMG my SISTER got this letter, too!!! I was going to DIE! He's telling me on the phone that it's on letterhead and in an envelope from the homeowner's association and everything. I'm DYING! He continues to read and it all sounds legit(we had weirdo neighbors so I could only imagine...). Then...ahhhh, the give said, in the future I might want to embroider my pillow to say 'bite here' and use that to stay quiet.
My sister thought she was SO FUNNY!!! Oh well, I guess it's a funny story but I am still plotting to get her back and it's been 9 years!!

Christine David said...

You've most likely already heard this story from me, but I'll share it for the others ;)

Back in 9th grade, I had an great English teacher that helped me come up with what we thought was going to be a funny April fools joke for my mom. I was given a slip expelling me from school for pulling the fire alarm. It looked legit as it was signed by the principal and this teacher. On the back was April Fools in large letters. I gave it to my mom when I got home and the moment it left my hands, I realized this was not going to be "funny." Immediately, I told her it was a joke and to flip it over. It was too late, she was already mad and I was grounded (seriously). Pretty funny now looking back, not so funny then. ;)

Jane ... said...

While the other kids were out at recess, my fifth grade friend Phil and I had stayed in the classroom to help the teacher finish a group project. As soon as she left for recess duty, he and I thought it would be funny to put our muddy footprints (using brown tempera paint) up the wall and across the big classroom calendar, and onto the ceiling. It was quite a work of art--a real accomplishment! She came in and we yelled "April Fool!" It wasn't so funny to her, and we straight-A students ended up in the principal's office listening to him talk with our parents. We were quite the mischievous pair through the rest of our school years too, stuffing potatoes into the band kids' horns and rolling fruit up the aisles during Latin class. Boring class...then there was the year that we HS juniors moved someone's outhouse a few miles down the road onto another person's front yard (that's just a little bit of my "young fun")!

Melanie said...

Last Year on March 31 at 4 a.m. my water broke. I thought "Thank goodness, the baby won't have April Fools as a birthday" So we headed to the hospital and waited... and waited... and waited... finally at 1:30 in the morning, after being awake for 19 hours, they told me they were ready to induce me. "Are you joking?" I thought! Nope, it was true. So at 6:30 a.m. my little munchkin made her appearance, my favourite little fool! She turns 1 tomorrow and, here's another April fools... I woke up and told my other kids that today is her birthday, so we've sung and said "Goodbye baby Carmen" and "Hello 1 year old Carmen"... only I forgot that it's still March! Oops! Oh well!

Debbie said...

My husband and I tried so hard to get pregnant. After months of unsuccessful attempts, we sought the advice of a fertility specialist. Tests showed that I have a "unicornial uterus" shaped more like a banana than a pear. In addition, my fallopian tubes look like a ball of tangled wire, versus straight little tubes. So, the doc told us that first, I probably would never get pregnant because the egg would never find it's way down that entangled tube and secondly, if I did get pregnant, there would be no way that the uterus could carry the baby full term. So, about 6 months later, I was feeling a bit weird and went in for a pregnancy test. I about fainted when they said it was positive! I made an appointment with the obstetrician and he told me that I was due on April 1! My friends said "Only you could do that!" Well, I was fearful during the entire pregnancy that I would lose the baby. So when my husband's birthday rolled around on March 27, we thought she certainly would come. But no, we got to April 1, and still nothing! Can you believe that she didn't come til April 11! And that was because they TOOK her! She was breach due to the small uterus (no room to turn around) and I was late, so they did a c-section! My little angel fooled not only me, but all those expert fertility specialists as well!

Deb-Close to my Heart Consultant said...

i love april fools jokes... but none of are as funny as some of these. unfortunately 8 years ago my dad died on april 1st, it took some of the joy out playing pranks when i had to call my daughter in mexico(she was on spring break) and tell her about it. she was sure i pranking her since we were both known for using the phone.
i have a hard time keeping a straight face when telling a lie.

debby421 said...

my daughter always thought it was funny to rearrange our kitchen on Mar 31. All the eating utensils ended up in the cooking utensils drawers. Plates, cup, pans, everything found a new home. It was very confusing and she didn't like it so much on April 2 when she had to put everything back.