Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Workshop of the Month

It is said that April showers bring May flowers, but what if you don't want to endure the rain and wait until May?

Then check out my "Flowers without Showers" 18 Card Workshop. I've combined the great new Spring Blossom color pallet with the Fancy Cut Botanical punch out flowers to create these beautiful spring themed cards.

Purchase a "virtual workshop" for just $20 (includes shipping). You will get a full color, 7-paged PDF instruction sheet for immediate download, and your materials by snail mail. Everything you need is included in the kit. Cards will be blank when completed - so you can stamp your own sentiment to suit your card giving needs.

To purchase the virtual workshop, click this button ---> Add to Cart

Note: Workshops purchased this morning will ship today. Workshops purchased after 11 am (pacific) will ship out mid/late next week after my brads come in. Thanks for your patience!


Sparkle said...

What fun and bright cards!

Jenny said...

I absolutely love your cards. Great color combo! I even purchased your instructions. Thanks!

nonapearl said...

Thanks Ladies!

sandsmcgregor said...


I would like to purchase just the instructions for this workshop are you offering that for this one?


roxybonds said...

Nona- I saw you had offered the instructions only on this one, yet now that option is gone....
I'd like to purchase the instructions if available :)

nonapearl said...

Unfortunately I had to remove the instructions option per CTMH corp request.

:( Nona

Keels said...

Nona can we paypal you for the instructions without clicking a button or are you not allowed to send the instructions via e-mail at all. I really think these are cool and would love to "cardlift" them. If you want to take this offline so to speak could you e-mail me at kirwankm@hotmail.com as I couldn't seem to find your addi.


Kim said...


I was lucky enough to purchase the instructions before you had to remove them. Can you email me? I had a question for you.


Thank you! Love the cards! Excellent workshop.