Thursday, April 16, 2009

Decorated Album Cover

I mentioned before that Dave let me scrap all day Saturday. One of the projects I worked on was getting Sammie's 2008 books caught up. Here is one of her new albums with a decorated cover. I used the new foam numbers that will be released in the Summer Idea Book. They are super fun to work with!

If you want to know how to decorate your linen album covers, scroll down my blog and look for my youtube videos on the left hand side. one of the videos is a tutorial on this very thing!

This is my disaster of a room after spending all day scrapping. For a while Dave was using the table across from my mess, so it isn't as bad as it could be (or as it is right now for that matter! LOL). Just thought I'd share so you could all feel better about your scrap messes too.

1 comment:

Barb said...

I love your album cover! What a great idea. And good for you getting all caught up!

Thanks for sharing your pic of your work area. My studio is such a mess right now, I can't even get into it! LOL! I just keep the door shut and hope that the craft fairies will have pity on me and clean it up! It's been a mess for over a you think they're coming?! LOL!