Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Family Adventure Day" photos...

Sammie and part of the Seattle skyline:

Dave and I on the ferry:

On Sunday I still needed one last stamp on my passport for the LYS, and the yarn store was on Bainbridge Island. The only way to get there is on a ferry, so after church Dave and I decided to take Sammie on a little family adventure.

It had been a while since we last took Sam on a ferry, so it seemed like a completely new experience to her. She loved that they said "All Aboard", and was a little perterbed that they only said it going and not coming back. She was also miffed that a little boy was running, because she's a stickler for rules and it frustrates her when people don't follow the rules. But, she loved watching the cars drive on and off the boat. She loved being able to see the birds and sea lions in the water as we sailed past. And she loved that I had thought to pack chocolate pudding in our sack lunches.

Once on the Bainbridge side, we enjoyed a leisurely walk in the gorgeous sunshine. It was about 8 blocks to the yarn store, but there were lots of other cute shops along the way so we window shopped.

The Churchmouse Yarn and Teas shop was amazing. Their stock was amazing - I saw so many yarns I'd not seen anywhere else. The layout was fantastic too and they had so many samples knit up. It was all so luxurious and tempting that I succombed to a ruffle scarf pattern that is to DIE for (and of course the $35 in yarn to go with it). They have incredible service also - we were served tea and biscuits while there. We missed "sherry hour" by about 30 minutes. LOL... If it wasn't so far away, I think I would visit this store VERY often.

We ended the day by getting all natural smoothies (and Sammie got a cone) at Mora's Creamery. Wow - they make a mean smoothie. It was sooooo tasty. However, they only sell one size, so in retrospect Dave and I could have split one because they are HUGE. We walked back to the ferry with very full (but happy) tummies.


Allison said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! I love checking out your blog and your artwork inspires me!

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There's an award there for you :)

Sarah said...

You are SO lucky. What a beautiful day and wonderful pictures.

sharalyns said...

It's not *as* far away if you drive onto the Edmonds ferry, landing in Kingston, then drive the 15 minutes South to Bainbridge. ;-)