Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Mother's Day (to me!)

I was digi scrapping this weekend, and realized my NEED for some serious organization. I had all of my digi files saved in nice, neat folders on my computer... but the problem was I needed to open those files in order to see what I had!

For instance, I know there is an absolutely adorable red button by Shabby Princess that I have. I want to use said button, but I don't know which kit said button is in. AND I have 20+ Shabby Princess folders. Now I have to open and view (meanwhile waiting for thumbnails to load) every folder until I can find my button!

This made me sad, and not want to digi scrap.

But then I remember Jessica Sprague talking about a sweet little program called ACDSee. It is meant to be used for photo organization, but JS uses it exclusively for her digi stuff! I checked it out, and it was in the budget (about $50), so I asked Dave to get it for me for Mother's Day. He did me one better by buying and letting me play with it this weekend! Hip Hip Hooray for my sweet hubby!

ACDSee allows you to make categories and then tag items to these categories. Best of all each item can have multiple tags! So now I can have my little red button tagged as "button", "Shabby Princess", and "Red Embellishment" if I want. Two other cool things about ACDSee... First you can have your computer's folders on the left of your screen and your categories on the right. So you can search by category OR by your own files. Secondly, because this program runs independently of Photoshop you can scroll to your desired paper, brush or digi element, then DRAG it from the ACDSee screen and drop it right onto your Photoshop workspace. IS THAT COOL OR WHAT?!?!?

So I'm totally sold and hopefully this means I'll have lots more digi art to share soon. :) Here's a screen shot of me looking through my buttons. Can you see my favorite red one?


Jeanne said...

ACDSee is a wonderful, wonderful program. There's a website that has all kinds of info and tutorials on how to optimize your use of it, too. The gal that runs it posts on JS and did an online class there, too.

Love your button...wonder if I have it...

Kim Burmeister said...

I had to get ACDSee too! Love it!

Sarah said...

WOW cool!

Janelle Janish said...

Hi Nona,
Where do you print your finished digital pages? I'm assuming you print a 12x12 page and then slide that into a CTMH album, right?

nonapearl said...

Hi Janelle,
Yup! I print my pages at Costco. They are $3 per 12x12 print.


Bailey's Granny said...

I have been digi scrapping for over a year now and have been using ACDSee that whole time and did not know I could click and drag my item from ACDSee to Photoshop! How cool is that? Thanks for the tip!

faery-wings said...

Hi! I am a huge Photo Manager fan. I seriously cannot scrap w/o it!
If you go to digiscrapinfo.com, you'll be able to find some neat trick and tips on how to best use many of its features :)