Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nifty Photo Editting

Lately I've been catching up on some Jessica Sprague classes, and I'm currently doing lessons on photo editting. In this lesson we added textures to a photo to make it look antique and a little "grungy" (that's JS's favorite word btw).

Here is the photo I decided to add texture to. It is my daughter Samantha wearing her great-grandma Lilo's red hat (from the Red Hat Society of course!).



Isn't that just too cool!?!? :) This class rocks!


Sharli said...

It IS cool! The before - after - and more after photos are all so different and all wonderful! You are really learning some fantastic things! I'm so happy for you!

mel4christ said...

Oh this is just darling, love what you did. TFS, this inspires me!