Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Once again, I have just knitting to share. :) But this is knitting I'm very proud of.

First... look!!!! I finished my second sock. Yippee! Now I just have to wait for our 90 degree weather to subside. They are 100% wool so too hot for wearing now. But oh aren't they just lovely. I'm smitten...

The day after finishing my second sock, I started on a pair for Sammie. She had picked out this yellow yarn by tofutsies about two months ago. For those that were wondering, I'm a double pointed needle person. Some knit socks on circs, some on dbts. I've yet to find anyone who enjoys both methods equally.

The pattern for Sammie's socks was the same "dragonfly" as mine, I just reduced it slightly by making it a 13 st. pattern (with 4 repeats) instead of a 15 st. pattern like on the adult version. Also I chose to do a heel flap with st. picked up along the side rather than a short row heel. I like the finished look of this type of heel better. For some reason, when I do the wrapping of a short row heel I end up with slight gaping at the wraps. Any knitters out there have pointers for this?

This picture was after I had finished one sock. Sammie loved it so much she was mad to have to give it back. I did let her wear it for about 20 minutes first to "break it in". :)

"It's mine momma! You can't have it back!"

The finished pair - modeled by my little love.


Dawn said...

Really lovely socks! Wear them in good health, you girls! I must say I am more of a circular fan myself, but only by a smidge.

Crafty Jenn said...

Those are FANTASTIC!! If you make more, I'll buy a pair.

I agree that's it's a bad time to wear socks around here. Con't believe it's going to be 100+ tomorrow! I love it though!

Sharli said...

Nona, I'm in awe of your knitting skills! I've always been in awe of your stamping skills and now, I just don't know what to say! I tried to knit my DD a scarf several years ago. I did get it finished - but it took forever, I never really enjoyed the work but had to force myself. When you feel that way about something the final product shows it.

It's very evident that you LOVE knitting. Your projects are just amazing and beautiful!

Jeanne said...

Absolutely beautiful socks! Truly love the colors of both pairs. Sammie is one lucky girl to receive the benefits of your many talents.

I've never really gotten comfortable with double pointed needles. My work looks wonky to me. I have a book on how to knit socks using three different methods and I've not decided the best one to try. I think I am intimidated. But I want some that are pretty like yours, so I guess I'm going to have to hunker down one of these days and just work through the "fear."

Thanks so much for sharing!!

nonapearl said...

I too had my sock yarn sitting in my yarn pile for over a year before I picked it up and gave it a go. They seem really intimidating, but they aren't so hard!

Start with baby socks. They are small and don't have to be sized perfectly. Also if you screw up you haven't wasted a ton of yarn (or you can rip it out without guilty feelings).

Good luck!
=) Nona

ps... Jenn I'll be knitting several pairs for sale at my upcoming craft fair (november). You can see them there, or let me know what colors you like and I can make some special for you.