Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Do you ever have something happen that just tugs at your heart strings? I had one of those moments tonight.

Sammie was crying after we put her to bed, so I went to check on her. She said she had had a bad dream. We talked and prayed about it, and then I snuggled with her for a few minutes. As I got up to leave, she whimpered - "but mom, what if I have another bad dream?" I told her that she could pray, and ask Jesus to give her only good dreams. And then I told her that I try to think about something that makes me really, really happy as I fall asleep.

Then I asked her what her most favorite thing in the whole world was. "You mommy!" was her answer. Awwwwwwwww! My heart just melted at that. I gave her a big hug and said that she could think about me and all the fun things we do together, and she would have wonderful dreams.

Then she asked what I think about when I fall asleep. "I think about you, Sammie. You are my happy thought! And as we think about each other tonight we will both have great dreams!"

It was such a touching moment. I know I need to scrap it, but for now, I'm going to blog it - so that it is captured forever.


Lori said...

That's a very sweet thought to go to sleep with. You need to take a picture of Sammy sleeping and write this on the journal. It's nice that you have your journal thoughts already written down on your blog. That the nice thing that I love about blogging.

Krista Ritskes said...

So sweet!

Deborah Young said...

Oh, that's so heartwarming! There's nothing like the true love of a child. And you sure are a good mommy to her!