Monday, July 20, 2009

Tea Time

This past week, Dave's Aunt Sue, Uncle Pete and (adult) cousins Emily, Brian, Andy and Mark have been visiting from Georgia! It's always so great to spend time with them. They all love to play games - card games, board games, and outdoor games. Last night we had dominoe and badmitten tournaments. And Aunt Sue is a fellow knitter - so we always have lots to talk about. We've really been enjoying the visit!

On Saturday the ladies all went on a special tea date to Elizabeth and Alexander's English Tea Room at Country Village (in Bothell). This was the first time Samantha was allowed to join us - and she used her extra special, big girl manners.

I forgot my "real" camera, so had to make do with my cell phone. To be honest the pictures actually turned out pretty well!

Here is Sammie in her pretty dress, and her gorgeously arranged meal. This is the children's tea (complete with a whole pot of hot chocolate!
My lunch: the cashew chicken curry salad. I had decaf berry iced tea. It was a really warm day and I couldn't imagine drinking hot tea. Everything was delicious!

Sammie with her Auntie Meagan (Dave's lovely sister):

Beautiful ladies: Marie (Dave's mom) and cousin Emily:

The lovely Aunt Sue and Marie

The knitters - Aunt Sue and me

One of the coolest things about Country Village is the "wildlife". There are ducks and chickens everywhere (and a great pond for them to swim in) and intricate little cobblestone paths you can take as you explore the grounds. Sammie spotted a rooster in these bushes. We had been hearing him crow for a while.

Mr. Rooster and a few hens...


Alanna said...

What a fun day and great pics. TFS.

Karen said...

What a fun day for all, but I'm sure will be an especially great memory for Sammie. My grandmother used to take me to the Tea Room in Salt Lake City when I was a little girl and I still cherish those 'big girl lunch' memories!

Sharli said...

What a wonderful day - good photos, too, hard to believe they were with the cell phone! I, too, have tea room memories from when I was little - they are VERY PRECIOUS memories that Sammie will enjoy even more than I do simply because she will have scrapbooks to help. I only have a vague memory of a soup tureen that looked like a chicken. Speaking of - LOVE the rooster! Thanks for sharing!