Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beach Day

I met a really sweet new customer this month at my card class, and she commissioned me to make her about 25 cards for her office! She works for a non-profit organization, and they send a ton of cards. I started working on them, and here are the first 3. She needed some "little girl get well" so here they are. As soon as my new Ian stamps (from TGF) arrive, I'll make and show off the little boy cards. :)

Except for the stamps, and the little plastic bead things everything is CTMH. I used the That's Amore papers and matching Journaling Jots for layering.

In other news... today Sammie and I needed to get out of the house. We decided to go to the beach with our preschool friends Laurie (mom), Dylan (classmate) and Haley (little sister). We had a blast! It's so fun to watch Sammie and Dylan play. They are often seen holding hands - at least when Dylan isn't trying throwing sand at her or growling. LOL - I keep telling Sammie that that's what little boys do when they like you. Sometimes they don't grow out of it either!

Here is Haley and Laurie. I switched back to my 50mm lens today, which I haven't played with in a few months. So my focus was a little off in this shot (as I was getting used to it again). It was sure fun using it again though. Forgot how much I love that lens!

My little ham...

Dylan doesn't really like it when I take pictures. This was what most of my shots of him looked like.

They wanted water for the sand toys. That full pail weighs about as much as she does!


Jeanne said...

Congrats on the cards. They look wonderful!

And how fun that you got to get out for a while. While I'm really not used to seeing "rocky" as opposed to "sandy" beaches (Southern CA girl growing up), it sure looks like Sammie had a great time! *Ü*

Alanna said...

Great card Nona. Looks great and I'm sure your customer will be thrilled.

What a fun day at the beach you all must have had. Love the pics.

Karen said...

Love the cards. I love how you incorporated the journaling cards into the cards. I also love the photography. Sammie holding her bucket on the rocks by the water is my fave!