Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New Look!

Hi Everyone!

You may notice a little something different around here! Yup! I finally got around to posting my new header. :) Isn't it so cute? I just love my girls. And the knitting additions are something that I've been wanting to add for a long time. Seemed appropriate as the knitting often hijacks my paper crafting posts (sometimes for weeks on end).

I'll be making a few more changes, but they may or may not be super noticeable. Props to you if you can spot them.

Off to do a bit more work. No - 40 pages didn't happen yesterday (I ran out of pictures!). But 25 pages did. And I'm officially done with 2008. Whew!

Now to work on 2009. Do you ever feel like *not* taking your camera places because you know that it will mean more pages to scrap? I've had a few weeks like that lately. But then I feel bad about not having as many pictures of Ruby as I do of Sammie. And I really, really, really don't want to be one of those parents that has 10,000 pictures of baby #1 and 100 pictures of baby #2. So, I'll try and post some new baby pics soon. Because I do have them. Because I did take my camera with me after all.


Jeanne said...

I LOVE your new header! Love it! The photo is fantastic and all the little details absolutely perfect. Well done, Nona!

Sharli said...

I love your photos - I hope you will still take the camera everywhere you go! The new header is just perfect! It took my breath away at first glance, and the more I studied it the more I love it! Your sweet daughters are just amazing!

Big Red Scraps said...

Your "New Look" is great. The photo of your girls in the header is priceless!

Meagan said...

Great job on the new header, Nona! It's so cute! =)

Jane ... said...

Beautiful new header--gorgeous photo--and I love your editing. :)

Sheila Bennett said...

Beautiful new header - love the "purls"! :)

Crafty Jenn said...

Your new header is just perfect! Love the little birdie peeking out.

Did you always have a follower list on your sidebar? Must've never noticed it. Your Christmas card workshop looks fun!