Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nona's January Knit-Along!

It's almost a new year, and I can't wait to reveal my NEW class!  You asked for it, you got it!  I'm now hosting a monthly knitting class in addition to my card and scrapbook classes!  :)

Here is a photo of January's Knit A-long project.  A diagonal rib scarf made with chunky alpaca yarn.  It is warm and soft, and quick to knit up!

I hope that local folks will want to come.  For those long distance, feel free to email me ( about joining in the Knit-Along long distance.  The patterns we will use will vary in difficulty, but for at least the first few months will stay in the beginners/intermediate range until I get a better feel for the interest and skill level of participants.

To purchase this pattern, go to my etsy store!


Jeanne said...

How exciting, Nona! You must keep us posted as to how it's going for you. Dang, I wish I lived get tips from you AND desserts from's just not fair. LOL

Joyce said...

Sure sounds like fun! Wish I lived closer - I would love some knitting tips from you. Now that I knitted the sweater for my granddaughter, I want to try something different. Loved working with Baby Boo yarn and if you have any patterns that use it, could you share the title so that I can check it out?
stamping hugs,

Kim Harper said...

This sounds incredible! I love to knit, but haven't in years. I am obviously not close enough to join you in person, but I think I would like to join the Long Distance club. One of the bad things about this is I won't get any goodies :( I bet they are delicious!

Great idea and please keep us posted.

Happy New Year to you and your darling family:)

Jessica said...

Hey Nona, I've been thinking about learning how to knit. This sounds wonderful, but as a 100% beginner with no clue what to do, would I still be able to participate and attempt the project?

Lora said...

How fun! Maybe I can drag along some locals so I can have a little group to knit with. I only know the VERY basics and it's been years. This sounds great to me!

nonapearl said...

I wish you were closer too! I hope you still decide to participate! ps...I'm still working on that Studio J email for you.

Joyce, I've not used that yarn before, but you should join Ravelry if you haven't already, as you can search for projects by yarn type.

Kim, I've just added a the pattern to my site! I'd love for you to join in the knit-along!

Jessica, You can come even if you don't know how to knit. Read the update on my blog about extra supplies to bring. Yes - the pattern is very simple and even brand new knitters can do it!

Lora, that would be AWESOME! :)

J. Alvey said...

I'm interested in participating in the Long-Distance but I wanted to see what we would be you have a photo?

nonapearl said...

J - the photo pictured is the project for this month. I'm sorry that wasn't clear. I adjusted the post to reflect that. :)