Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sick of Studio J Yet?

Are you sick of my Studio J layouts yet?  :)  I'm still furiously trying to finish up my knit Christmas gifts (only 2 projects left!) and so that hasn't left much time for paper crafting.  However, SJ is so convenient and fast, I was able to get 12 layouts done over the past week!  So I still have lots of pages to share with you.  Think I'll share 2 with you today.

This one features the Free Spirit paper packet.  I'm so glad it is still available with SJ, because it was retired this year.  These photos are from early September, when I threw Dave a surprise birthday party when he turned 30!  Look how tiny Ruby was!!!

This layout uses the Evensong paper, and photos of us decorating our tree.  (Don't worry, I fixed the title area before printing - just didn't get a copy of the page after).

Can you see what is the same with both sets of pages?  Look closely!

They both use the same Cherish Layout - but on the birthday pages I flipped the left page to the right and then rotated it 180 degrees.  Pretty snazzy!  Just one more cool thing about SJ.  You can flip and rotate the pages to whatever orientation best suits your pictures.


Karen Pedersen said...

I am LOVIN' Studio J too! I hope our customers love it as much as we do!

Jeanne said...

Both your layouts look great! Cool that you can rotate the design.

Honest question, and feel free to email your response or post does Studio J compare to creating your own layouts if you are familiar and comfortable with digital scrapbooking? I'm trying to determine if the layouts come like templates where you plug in the elements/papers and clip them or if they are more like quick pages, where the work is pretty much done and you add your photos in predetermined photo spots. Or do you work completely from scratch and put things wherever you want?

Thanks for sharing!

scrappingadvocate said...

Got's the same pattern, just flipped. Very nice!