Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday Socks

Sammie's Birthday Whirlwind week is over, and I was so grateful to have a whole weekend off - free from any kind of events, classes, parties, etc.  We just relaxed!  It was amazing.

Anyway, if you are a long time reader, you might remember that over Christmas I was knitting gifts for all my family members - socks to be exact.  Sadly, I didn't have time to finish Sammie's socks in time for Christmas, so I promised that she would get "Birthday socks".  She reminded me almost every day from Dec 26-early January about my promise, so I was sure to get them done and not disappoint!

Here are her fun socks.  I used a "magic" yarn that is self striping.  It was really fun yarn to work with, and I'm anxious to do another pair in a different colorway.  I can't remember the brand, but I picked this yarn up at JoAnne's and 1 skein (270 yards) was just perfect for a pair of kid socks (approx. size 1).  Mittens would also be cute in this yarn.

I was pretty proud about how close the pattens match between the two socks.  I had to restart the second one because I didn't line it up right the first time.

You can sort of see her smile through the blur in this picture.  :)

The flash got wonky in this pic, but I still think it turned out really cool.  :)

I'll try to post a few of the pairs of "Christmas Socks" tomorrow.


Jeanne said...

Oh they look fabulous! I can just see how thrilled Sammie is! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

Oh, you did such a nice job, Nona! Cute socks to match your cute kiddo!

pammie said...

how on earth does it stripe itself? AMAZING!

Sheila Bennett said...

Very cute socks! The stripes in the yarn look great.

Sharli said...

WOW!!! I believe in magic - I'm seeing it right in front of me! That, or you are REALLY, REALLY good!

How Wonderful!