Friday, February 5, 2010

January Knit-Along Blog Hop

In January, I started a knitting class/club/group - whatever you want to call it - and made it open to local and long distance friends.  It was a little scary starting a new class, but so much fun to meet other knitters and even inspire a few people to try picking up needles for the first time.

For our first Knit-Along project, I chose a scarf pattern with ribbing that flowed along the diagonal.  This pattern, while still at a beginner level, was a bit more interesting to knit than a traditional garter stitch scarf.  It offered a chance to practice both knit and purl for the newbies, and the challenge of working a short pattern repeat.

I thought it would be fun to do a little blog hop today to share the progress that some of the group has made on their scarves!  Here are the photos and links to other blogs from a few of our Knit-Along members.  I hope to make this a monthly tradition!  If you want to join in next month, feel free to purchase the Feb pattern below!

My scarf (it is finished now!) and a link to purchase this pattern for $3: Add to Cart 

Heidi's Scarf:

Kathy's Scarf:

Kayla's Scarf:

Jessica's Scarf:

Thanks for sharing your hard work ladies!!!  :)

Here is a reminder of the February Knit-Along project.  If you live near Seattle and would like to attend, it is Sat, Feb 20th at 7 pm, and only costs $5 (which covers the pattern AND a yummy, homemade dessert).  If you want to participate long distance you can purchase the pattern for only $3!  Happy Knitting!

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