Friday, March 26, 2010

475 - Darn you Ravelry!

I finished my shawl last night!  YIPPEE!!!  I will be glad to share pics once I get it blocked.  Really. So. Very. Excited.  Hard.  To.  Contain.  It.  (I'll try).

I purchased the Aestlight shawl, but as stated yesterday, there are a few other projects I need to finish first.  Then of course, I had to go blog hopping this morning through my fave knitting sites.  Low and Behold, Steven West posted a gorgeous asymmetrical masculine hat that I just have to try.  (And Ravelry had the pattern, just *sitting* there waiting for me to purchase it!)  I never have enough masculine things at my craft fairs, so I think this one will be a real winner.  Also, I'm heading out with Dave for a marriage retreat this weekend, and it will be the perfect car knitting project.  Ack - can you see how horribly distracted and ADD I am with knitting?

BTW - here's the hat.  The pattern also comes with a matching cowl pattern.  Golly SW - you're going to make me go broke!

Thankfully with the move (and lack of venue for my CTMH classes) I'll have all of April to catch up on my knitting projects that MUST be completed, and all of those sidelined WANT projects too.  (Just remembered my knitting club project from Twisted will arrive any day too!)

Yes, I'm sick, sick, sick.  I've got the feeeeevah for handknits!

ps... the 475 in the title is not the number of knitting projects in my que, but the number of posts I've written in the 2 years this blog has been up!  :)  Gotta think of something cool for #500.


CFCina said...

Happy 475...isn't it amazing how quick your posts can rack-up? I've been bloggin' for almost 4 years...when I looked the other day I almost passed out from how many posts I've done...what a wonderful way to capture our lives in photos and words! Gotta LOVE Blogspot!
~ Kathy in Oregon

筱婷 said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot