Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shawl Envy

I'm just 11 rows away (and a blocking session) from finishing up my Daybreak shawl designed by Steven West.  That is Steven below.  He's only 21 years old (or maybe 22?) and is already an amazing knitting designer.  Pretty rad...  My Daybreak is hot pink/fusia where his is orange, and black/grey where his is brown.  Can't wait to show you my finished work!

I started this shawl in February when Dave and I went to Portland for the weekend. Two of the sales women at Twisted were wearing theirs and I became absolutely smitten with the pattern. I've been working on it a few rows at at time in between all my cupcake hat and fingerless mitten knitting sessions. It has over 350 stitches per row at this point, so even just knitting 3-4 rows can take me up to an hour. I'm just so excited to almost have it complete. Now that the chilly, rainy weather is back (we've had such sunny days for the past week!) I'm even more anxious to finish it so that I can actually wear it before the sun comes back out in earnest.

Meanwhile, this week has been particularly difficult - for reasons I don't care to get into. But when I feel sad, I go to Ravelry. (Well... first I go to the Lord. Then I go to Ravelry!) So I spent quite a bit of time on Ravelry this week - and I found this gem:

Aestlight Shawl by gudruncjohnston.

Isn't it just divine?  It's the Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnston.  Oh My Word...  I almost gave up on shawls after my mom's Shipwreck shawl last year, but wowie!  I have a new found love and appreciation, and I can't WAIT to knit this.

I also love how I've been seeing people wear shawls lately, all bunched up around the neck instead of wrapped granny style across the shoulders.  I can wear a bunchy shawl and not feel self conscious!  Who wouldn't feel absolutely divine in the Aestlight shawl?  So, that is my next project... (well, if by
"next" I mean the project that I get to knit for myself after I finish 3 pairs of socks, 10 cupcake hats, 5 pairs of fingerless mittens, my April Knit-Along project, my May Knit-Along project, etc, etc, etc).

On average I knit about 1 thing a year for myself, and I usually end up selling it at a craft fair at some point.  But, regardless.  I WILL knit this shawl, and it will be soon.  Even if it means I'll be up knitting to 1 in the morning to finish that other stuff.  :)  Now to find the perfect yarn....


Black Lab Mom said...

Oh my gosh, that is fabulous. I have been following your blog for a while now, and LOVE all your knitting projects.......your paper craft projects too.

Karen E.
CTMH consultant

squella said...

Nona, I can't wait to see the finished shawl. I love all the knitting you have been doing. Sending hugs and hoping you have a better weekend.

CTMH consultant

Janelle Janish said...

The Lord never gives us more than we can handle... though sometimes it feels like it! Still loving the leg warmers you knit for my dear daughter. Sending happy thoughts your way. :)

bren yule said...

In LURVE the estlight shawl! It is so yummy. I would love learn this craft someday! I still need to make my first project we started at CU! You are a gem, hoping all is calm soon, hugs, bren