Monday, June 14, 2010


For once I wasn't neglecting the blog.  No, that's not why I haven't blogged all week.

Truly, the reason for the lack of posting has been that this is my 500th (yes, five HUNDREDTH) post.  I wanted it to be something special, meaningful, inspiring, etc.  And I'm totally out of all that right now!  All last week I scoured my brain trying to come up with something cool for the 500th post, and nada - nothing.


Really... I'm very dissatisfied about this.  It's eating away at me.  It makes me feel like a bad blogger.  But, honestly, we can't all be amazing bloggers all of the time.  I guess this is just a season in my life where other things are taking priority.  Lots. and. lots. of. other. things.  These are all good things, but I really miss my time in blogland.

I'll do better!  I promise!  :)

In the meantime, I taught a knitting class on Saturday.  We casted on these lovelies: my newest pattern - the "Skyscraper Fingerless Gloves".

I think the ladies enjoyed them.  It was hard to tell because we were really busy devouring the amazing Peach Tarts that Dave made us for dessert.  (Yes, Dave makes desserts for my knitting class attendees!  He rocks that way).  This tart was pure decadence.  Imagine the best peach pie filling you've ever tasted, but instead of pie crust, it was paired with a buttery lemon short cake instead.  Num-num-num-num (as my little Ruby likes to say).  

The picture really doesn't do it justice.  And you'll have to pardon me as I wipe the saliva off my chin.  Did I say yum?!

If you'd like to purchase my Skyscraper pattern just visit my Etsy or Ravelry stores.  :)  

And I'll try to come up with some great "Pearls of Wisdom" for my 1000th post I guess.  


Sharli said...

I love everything you post, truly!
Congratulations on 500! Tell Dave "thanks" - now I'm craving peach tart. ;-)

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on 500 posts. I don't even think I acknowledged mine, so try not to feel too bad. Your project looks lovely and that peach dessert devine. I think you did fine showcasing where you are in your life at the moment! And that's better than anything you could "try" to fit in a post!

Meagan said...

"Num num num num" - love that! hehe! I fully expect to hear it a lot next week. Rubez is just soooo cute!