Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Road Trip - last days

Thursday morning found us in Redding, California.  We had a long boring drive for the better part of the day, but did make a quick stop for photos at the foot of Mount Shasta...

Then I got back to knitting, and Dave got back to driving.  We stopped for lunch and shopping in Grants Pass, Oregon!  (I made Dave stop here because this is the hometown of my blogging idol Karen Russell.)

We found some great antique stores, and I picked up a few things I couldn't live without (for decorating my booth at the market).

I found some old bobbins - these make great hat displays.

I also found this awesome suitcase.  It had a tea set in it, but they were for sale separately!  The store owner was a little sad that I discovered this, because she had been eyeing it as well, but thought that it was sold as a collection.  YAY FOR ME!  :)

Here's the inside.  The lining is in great condition - as are the clasps and the case itself.  Just the perfect amount of "wear"...

Poor Dave... Those antique stores have low ceilings!

After all this shopping, Dave hurried us back to the car.  This time it was my turn to drive.  Good thing I'd already finished this hat!

We made it to Lebanon, Oregon by early evening, and stayed the night with Dave's Aunt Diana and Uncle Jon (and cousin Tristan).  We are very close with them, and really enjoyed the visit!  Jon and Diana adopted Tristan just a few weeks before we adopted Ruby, so it was great to see the little guy.

I knit him this hat as a belated birthday gift.  So glad it fits!

Our visit was too short, and after a yummy breakfast on Friday morning, we were on the road again - this time on the home stretch - literally!  We got caught in some wicked traffic due to a car fire, so unfortunately we weren't able to stop in Portland.  :(  Booo!  (That is where my all-time favorite knitting store, "Twisted" is.)  But Dave promised me that we would go back another time.

Besides, we were quite anxious to get home and see our girls!  We had an amazing trip, but it's true what Dorothy says, "there's no place like home".


Jeanne said...

What an amazing trip you had! Did you start AND finish that hat on your trip? If so, WOW! I'm very impressed!

Even though you had a great time, I'm sure you were thrilled to be home and to get back to your normal routine.

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

nonapearl said...

:) I knit the hat in about 2 1/2 hours between Redding and Grants Pass.

I also knit 4 pairs of gloves on the trip to sell at my market. Hehe!