Sunday, July 18, 2010

Road Trip part 3!

Wednesday morning started just as early as Tuesday - but this time we found Starbucks RIGHT away.  We got on the road reluctantly - wishing we could have spent more time in Monterey.  We decided that it was the perfect town for an extended family vacation.  So maybe we'll head back there with the girls next summer.

Our first destination of the day was San Francisco.  SF is one of my favorite towns.  I've visited at least a dozen times, but every time I go it still feels fresh and exciting.  Dave had never seen the Golden Gate Bridge, so that was stop #1.

It was a beautiful day - just a hint of smog.  The view of the bridge was spectacular!

Our next stop was Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39...  We did a bit of walking, some window shopping, and of course EATING!

Too bad the sushi restaurant wasn't open yet...last I checked it IS "summer 2010".  Sigh.

We did get a yummy lunch though.  Can't go to San Fran without getting chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.

 Well, I actually had the tomato soup - but it was still yummy.

Then we found the mecca of all yarn stores - Imagiknit .  I was pretty miffed that Dave didn't get a photo inside this place but you can click the link to see images.  I've never seen so much yarn in one place.  It is a knitter's paradise!  The ceilings are at least 12 feet high and every wall is floor to ceiling yarn.  I'm guessing the shop was at least 1800 sq ft, and it was yarn galore, but it didn't feel stuffy or cluttered.  I wished I could have stayed for several hours, just soaking it all in.  But we were on a budget, so Dave gave me about 20 minutes.  LOL...

Whatever.... I did find some great new yarns!  And I can wind anywhere...

And I can KNIT anywhere...

We left San Fran in the afternoon and worked our way north to Sacramento.  My dad and my step mom Lucy, and step-sister Katie used to live there when I was younger, and I'd go visit them in the summer.  They aren't married any more, and my dad has since moved to Chicago, but while we were in Sacramento, Dave and I went out to dinner with Lu, Katie, and Lucy's sister Laura, her husband Brian and their daughter Shelley.  We had an awesome time, and it was so great to catch up.

After dinner we drove north to Redding - getting in at about 11.  We decided that by driving those few extra (hundred) miles, we could sleep in the next day.  :)


Lori said...

What a fun trip. Love the yarn that you got. You are doing the trip right!!!

Jeanne said...

Wow! I got to read parts 2 & 3 all in one sitting. Yay! What an amazing trip. Your cell phone takes some pretty good photos.

Had to giggle at the comment about the Golden Gate Bridge area having only a "little" smog. That's one of things I remember not so fondly about growing up in Southern CA, the smog! Glad it was only a little!

Those yarn shops look like a slice of heaven.

Sharli said...

I'm definitely enjoying your vacation "vicariously" - you are Dave are SO awesome! I love the photo of the new yarn, it made me smile from ear to ear! It's YOU!