Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orange Box Jewelry

In working the Edmonds Summer Market, I've made some great friends!  Today I'd love to introduce you to Krissy Maier - designer of Orange Box Jewelry.  You can check out her website HERE and her Etsy store HERE.  You can also be a fan of her work on Facebook!

Amazonite Necklace

Her jewelry is beautiful, eclectic, fun, and unique, and best of all - affordable!

Pearl and Rhinestone Rosy Gold Necklace

Krissy says of her business, "Orange Box has become my full time enterprise, love affair, source of constant entertainment, and cause for panic. I am thrilled to create fun jewelry and statement pieces that help women feel sassy and special. I get a tiny rush each time I resurrect a portion of a vintage jewelry piece that was previously discarded. I am thankful every day to play jewelry. "

Gold and Rhinestone Hair Pin

Some of my favorite pieces that Krissy makes are her hair clips.  I have short hair, so I wear bobby pins every day, and hers are just SCRUMPTIOUS!  They are fun, colorful, and the best ones are totally zany. 


Here are a few more pictures of her unique and lovely pieces

I hope that you will take a minute to pop over to Krissy's website, etsy shop, or facebook page!  Or come and meet her in person at the Edmonds Summer Market!  The Market goes every Saturday from 9 am - 3 pm, through the first weekend in October (except this coming weekend because of the Taste of Edmonds).

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