Monday, August 16, 2010

Yarn Mountain and Pattern Give-Away

Sadly, not much blogging has been happening around here lately.  It was a busy week last week, and an even busier one this week.

I cleaned off my creative knitting workspace, fondly nicknamed "yarn mountain" (aka - our coffee table) for Ruby's birthday party 2 weeks ago.  Slowly it has started to regain its former shape and size.

Now, it's not too terrible yet.  You can still see wood, the yarn bowl is distinctly visible, and I can still find specific projects fairly well.  Dave was hoping it would never reappear.  LOL, right.

Oh!  And something noteworthy...  In the hubbub of last week I got an super awesome email from Knit Picks.  They've accepted three more of my patterns for the Independent Designers Partnership (IDP) programp.  Whoohoo!  Two of those three projects are in the photo - and they are ones that I haven't released anywhere else yet.  Can you guess what they are?

I'll send both patterns to the first person who guesses correctly!  :)

Gotta run!  Sammie has camp today, then a playdate, and I'm teaching baby socks at knitting class tonight.  :)


Jeanne said...

Looks like someone knits! I think I see a sock, a neck warmer and something ruffly...on the left. I don't know if they are new patterns though.

Congrats on your successes, Nona!

Sheila Bennett said...

Well, looks like some green fingerless gloves with a cute pink flower attached. And I'm not real sure about the second. Would it be the 'mobius' looking neckwarmer, the dusty rose colored fingerless gloves, or the purple thing in the middle that I can't tell what it is. lol

You certainly have a lot of projects going. :)

squella said...

Nona, I'm not surprised that they are accepting more of your patterns - you do great work. So I spy, fingerless gloves(actually a couple pair), ear warmer and I'm guessing a new hat pattern.

Roberta Dermody said...

The brown tweedy looking one is a Mobius scarf and the purple one in the bowl is a new hat. I see Ruby's new sweater poking threw also...Love your knitting! Wish I lived closer to take your class.

Jessica said...

I'm going to say: kid fingerless gloves and a hat pattern.

Roberta Dermody said...

Hmm...even though I didn't win, it was fun playing. Congratulations Sheila!