Monday, January 3, 2011

What's On My Needles - 1.3.11

I've decided to start a new type of post - hopefully on a daily basis - in addition to my other blogging.  I'm calling it "What's On My Needles?".  It is sort of like Project 365, where you take a photo a day to capture a whole year of events.

People ask me all the time what I'm knitting, how much I knit, and what types of things I knit.  I hope this photo journal for 2011 will be informative, inspirational to other knitters, and a great way for me to chronicle the projects I decide to tackle this year!

ps... at this point I'm not starting out too well (but I can blame the flu for that).  :)

1.1.11 - no photo, Samantha had the flu
1.2.11 - no photo, I had the flu

1.3.11 - dinosaur mittens in progress (my latest pattern, coming soon!)

knit picks swish worsted yarn: peapod and orange


CFCina said...

oh, super cute mittens! love the 365 project (needles) idea!!!

Sheila Bennett said...

Good idea. Looking forward to seeing your knitting projects. And I was thinking of doing a 365-day project, but have decided against it. Doing your 'on the needles' sounds like a great idea.

Jeanne said...

Those mittens are so cute! It's going to be fun seeing what's on your needles this year!

Bevy Lucy Ruthy said...

My DIL loved the dinosaur hats that the boys got. Thanks Nona!