Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creative University Recap!

Wow... I'm not even sure how to begin.  CU this year was simply UH-mazing.  Definitely the BEST year ever.  Seriously.  :)  It epitomized the perfect craft retreat trifecta - great classes, super fabulous time with friends, and just the right amount of relaxation and down time.  It was amazing to catch up with friends I only get to see once a year, and this retreat was made even better because my best friend Wendi came too!

Tresa had a record number of attendees this year - close to 60!  Here's a group shot...
Here's a cute shot of Tresa and Denise.  Thanks Tresa for the image!

Best Buds: Jenn, Kendra, Christina, Deanna, Melody, Tresa, and Crissy!
(I took this picture with Tresa's camera).

In addition to all the gabbing, eating, and personal projects, we made some pretty incredible stuff in our classes...Here are some of the finished (and not quite finished) projects!

From Donna's class - we made these adorable cards using the new CTMH Mayberry papers:
Donna's Class

Sheila taught us how three new ways to create Gift Card Holders:
Shiela's Class

Jenn taught us these "Pear-fect"ly cute bookmark cards.  We got to make two.  The corner part slips over the top of the pear on the card.  It can also be used by itself as a bookmark!
Jenn's Class

This is my clipboard from Denise's class in progress.  Thank you Tresa for the image!

and here it is all done (minus the photo).  The paper roses are SO much fun to make!  You'll likely be seeing them again on my blog in the near future.

This layout in progress is from Chrissy's class "Scrapbooking with Fabric".  I love the ruffly edge.  I still need to finish my yo-yos and add the embroidery stems and leaves, as well as a few photos.  It's gonna be so stinkin' cute when it's done!

I missed out on Erin's class, because we were teaching at the same time.  However, Wendi is a jewelry expert and she graciously made my necklace for me!  Thank you Erin for the image!

Finally, here's me holding one of the pages I taught.  Thanks Chrissy for the image!  Idaho and I are NOT great friends.  Apparently, once I crossed the state border, my hair product decided to stop working.  So I had horribly flat hair all weekend.  This was as "faux hawk" as I could muster - and it's extremely pitiful.

here's the completed layout:
Nona's Class

As you can see, we had a TON of fun and made some AMAZING projects.  
I can't believe I have to wait a whole year to go again!  Let the countdown begin...


Amy said...

Thank you so much for sharing these images Nona. CU sounds like an amazing retreat filled to the brim with inspiration!

Crafty Jenn said...

Ah-mazing indeed! That was the best CU yet! I loved creating and gabbing with all the Ladies. Your layout was beautiful Nona. Til next year!

<3 Jenn

Dawn said...

Wonderful recap, Nona! It was a pleasure to meet you and create your lovely layout. You are a talented lady and a fabulous teacher! :) See you at CU12!

Creatique Innovationz said...

Nona Thank You so much for was a pleasure seeing you again this year. I LOVE your lay-out and my son even said "it is really rad, Mom". So now we have pictures to put on there of our Family on the after CU adventure. It is always a blessing to spend time with you and your friend Wendi is a true talent. I adore her rings she created for me. Just wonderful she could come. HUGS from Idaho.