Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leaving on an airplane...

I had big plans to post about Valentine's day, and a few other cool things, but unfortunately my eldest daughter has been sick the last two days, and I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Creative University.

I was able to finish a HUGE project yesterday.  It's been in the works for 2 years, and I completed the very last page yesterday afternoon.  That feels amazing!  In 2009 I did "Project 365" and took one photo a day, every day that year.  The last time I worked on this album was at Creative University last year!  And since, I decided not to bring my laptop with me this year, I knew I just had to finally get this project out of my "to do" bin for good.

Most of my pages looked similar to this one - with just a few photos, and a description of the events. 
 I can't believe how little Ruby was!

In an effort to just "get'er done" I decided that for Oct, Nov, and December, to just limit it to a 2 page spread.  The templates were from Mandagirl (see the link for her site on the right), and just2things blog (which no longer exists).  The papers and embellishments are primarily Shabby Princess and Zoe Pearn.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  And I'll write more upon my return!

:) N


Karen Pedersen said...

GORGEOUS pages. Have fun at Creative U. I hope your little one is all better so you can leave with no worries.

Sharli said...

This is so inspiring - fabulous work!
Hope Sammi feels better quickly - and I know you'll have a fabulous time at C.U.