Friday, March 4, 2011

What's On My Needles

I'm working on some new patterns and can't wait to share them. In the meantime, here's what's been on my needles the last week or so.

I'm a little backlogged and don't remember the dates for the pictures. Facebook messed up my nice and tidy system with their new photo albums. I can longer easily copy/paste photos from without it being a huge "process". So I started a flickr account instead and I'm back to smooth sailing, except for remembering to date the photos. :)

Anyway - here we go...

Here are some fingerless gloves (boyfriend) I knit up while at CU. I added the thumbs last night, now just have to sew in the ends.

These are some lovely green gloves (Montmartre) that I knit at CU. I've already sewn in the ends of these. :)

You may remember this one. This is a headband/ear warmer prototype for a new pattern. Unfortunately the pleats made it smaller than I anticipated, so it fits Samantha great. However, it was supposed to fit me. Back to the drawing board!

This is another new pattern/prototype. It still needs a little tweaking as this one has the opposite problem as the previous one - too big. :) Someday I'll get it right. And by someday I mean this weekend, as it's on my to do list of things that need "fiddling".

These are dino mits without the spines. I've since finished them. They were not knit at CU, but were ordered by a friend that attended CU with me. She also got cupcake gloves for her daughter.

Speaking of cupcakes, this hat is an ADULT sized cupcake hat. Ordered with matching mittens for a friend at CU. Finished the hat last night, and now I'm working on the mits!

And now that I'm thinking about cupcakes, I'm realizing that the cupcake mitten pattern never got posted to my etsy and rav sites, and I never added more knitting stuff on etsy either. Oops! I'll try to get on that. :)


Jeanne said...

I'm always in awe of how quickly you are able to knit projects, Nona. I've enjoyed viewing all your "what's on my needles" posts just to see what you are working on. I suppose if I knit as many projects as you do, I might get faster, LOL. Ah well, that's not likely to happen, so I will continue to enjoy seeing what you've created.

Continued success to you on all your endeavors!

Creatique Innovationz said...

Nona...I'm dancing with JOY! This is soooo adorable and I just got my cupcake order today! Brought tears to my eyes knowing your talented hands created this just for me. ;)

I can not wait to order more from you Darling. Exceptional work and a gift to us all. <3