Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Knitting Socks 2 at a Time is a Good Idea...

In November, I knit the first sock in a pair. Then with the craziness of life, I set it aside, with some needles.

Then I knit a bunch of other stuff, and I used those needles, and put them away.

Then I knit 2 more pairs of socks, and stuffed those needles into the bag with my lonely sock.

Can you see where this is going?

So last week I sat down to finish the second sock in the pair and all seemed to be going great!

I finished my sock, and boy was it a beauty...

...until I set it next to the the first sock.

No... there is no optical illusion. The sock on the right is indeed larger than the sock on the left.

Unfortunately, the difference in 2.5mm and 2.75mm (yes, millimeters) needles is such that a sock knit on the former will end up several INCHES shorter than a sock knit on the later.


So what did I do? I promptly went to knit picks and ordered duplicates of my favorite sock needles, so I can cast on and knit my sock at the same time!

One other good thing did come out of all of this. I'd been promising Samantha a new pair of socks. And she has unusually large feet for a little girl. And she could care less if one sock is bigger than the other. Voila... a happy little darling.

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