Thursday, March 17, 2011

yarn funnies

So I had totally planned on posting about other things today, but came across this little t-shirt site and HAD to share...

Check out these awesome tees!!!  I can't get over them.  Not only do I want like every single one, but now I have a great resource when I need a fun sentiment for a knitting related card!  :)

Long Sleeve T-Shirt  Knitters have Balls Shirt Shirt  Distracted By Yarn T

Knitting - Sitcks and Stones - String S&M Baseball  Raglan Baseball "I Knit Therefore I Am" T-shirt

Liv Shirt   Knitter - skull pinstriping Baseball Jersey

I couldn't help myself, and purchased this one (because it's very true at the moment):

Will KNit For Tattoos Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt

And if you feel like donating to my cause, please feel free to buy me this one:

Answers T-Shirt

this one:
Live Love Knitting T-Shirt

and this one:
 Knitting Superhero Baseball Jersey

I promise to wear it every day.

ps... I'm an XL - cuz I'm on the "busty" side.


Kandi said...

Ha ha ha, they've got some great stuff
. I think you need the Ball Sack! Lol.

Leslie said...

I love those shirts. I'll have to remember them come birthday time.

Jena said...

Those t-shirts are great! And congrats on getting your sweater done, it looks great! TFS!

Twyla Norris said...

Thanks for sharing these. It reminds me of when my son was two and my mom was watching him. She is ALWAYS knitting. He was getting himself into a bit of trouble and when my mom strted scolding him he said, "Grandma, just go play with you needles!"

nonapearl said...

My shirt came today and i love it! :)

Jena - thank you!

Twyla, that is AWESOME!!!