Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Antique Jar Needle Storage

I haven't posted what's "on" my needles in a while (save that for the next post), but today I'd love to share "where" my needles are.

While antiquing over the weekend, I happened upon a beautiful old jar filled to the brim with knitting needles.  Immediately I was overwhelmed with pure, unadulterated, instant LOVE!  My needles are always all over the place.  When they are put away - which isn't often - I store them in really ugly, but useful, cardboard tubes labeled by size.  But I use truly lovely needles (Harmony by Knit Picks) and stuffing them in these tubes makes me sad.  I want the world to see how pretty they are!  Additionally, it's much more handy to have them out in an easy to reach place rather than shoved in a drawer.

Solution.  Fabulous antique jars filled with my knitting needles.  Genius, I say... pure genius!  And in the process I cleaned off the top of my desk too.

The empty jars will have needles... they just happen to be in use at the moment.


Sheila Bennett said...

Very pretty. But those "needles" on the far left look as though they would be very difficult to knit with. lol

Sheila H said...

Very clever and decorative, too!