Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Junking Treasures Pt. 1

For my first day of revealing how I used my "junk", I take you down into my scrapbook room.  My crafty space is pretty well organized, but there was one group of items that I never knew what to do with.  Alas, they were all shoved in a drawer, and I would forget that I owned them, and thus never used them!  What am I speaking about?  My wood stamps.


Yes... in the incredible world of clear stamps I still own, and use the odd wood stamp every now and then.  But how to store them?  How to remember what I have when they are singletons and not in sets?

Enter the vintage desk drawer with dividers.  :)  I made sure this puppy would be sturdy when standing on end before buying it.  It's also about 4" deep - which is the perfect size for holding wood stamps, and not toppling over every time I look at it.

Isn't it puuuurdy?  :)  I may repaint it at some point, but for now I like how the yellow looks with my blue wall.  It's a little more buttery colored in person than here in the photo.  I love the twine handles, and the metal label on the top.  I love the chipped paint.  And I love how my little stamps fit so great in there (well, except that giant sheet music background stamp.  That will probably need a new home.

Oh - and in case you are wondering (don't worry - I'm nosy too) the little envelopes in the bottom right are 6 years of CTMH incentive stamps.  I would take them out of the the cardboard paper they came in, put the stamps in a 3x3 envelope, and then glue the "inspired artwork idea" to the front of the envelope.  Works great!

That's all for today!  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you what I did with my burlap sack!

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Jessica said...

LOVE IT! I just knew you would have something fabulous to show and you did not let me down one bit!