Monday, June 6, 2011

A Junking We Will Go...

This weekend my best friend Wendi and I went junking/antique shopping over in Snohomish.  A lot of the stores over there have been redone and they are FABULOUS!  We had the best time browsing and buying!

Our favorite little Edmonds market (where we are vendors) is almost upon us, and we love decorating our space in antiques - as well as using vintage pieces in our artwork.

Some of the shops we stopped in have Facebook pages, so here's a few links if you want to check them out!  Ruffles and Rust, Annie's, and Joyworks.  You can also google them, as some have blogs/websites.

Here is the collection of items I couldn't live without.  In the next few days, I'll showcase how I'm using these awesome finds.  Not only will this be a fun spotlight for my blog, but it will really help me get my rear in gear and put these things to good use!

In case it is difficult to see in the photo I got (from left to right)...
...2 antique books - one in french, one english
...A candle holder
...An old drawer with dividers
...3 books of piano sheet music
... 2 yards of vintage tape measure
...3 yards of vintage lace trim
...a burlap coffee sack
...2 new egg gathering baskets (distressed to look old)
... another antique book - this one in german

Here's a few close ups - just for kicks


Jessica said...

Excited to see how you use all of these things!

Juel said...

Fun stuff!! I went to Farm Chicks this past weekend here in Spokane, it was so much fun too!

nonapearl said...

Wendi and I were supposed to be there too - but sadly our plans fell through at the last minute. We junked in Snohomish to make us feel better about missing it. I hope you had a blast! We will be there next year FOR SURE!