Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Shopping!

I need to make a confession.  I just bought some clothes for the baby.

The thing is, we don't know the sex yet, and won't for at least 2-3 weeks.

And I only bought boy clothes.

'Cuz we really want a boy this time.  All of us.  Even Samantha wants a little brother.

And my gymbucks were about to expire - and my girls REALLY don't need any more clothes - maybe ever.  We are literally drowning in girl clothes.

But now I'm feeling a little guilty. What if I just jinxed my chance at getting a boy since I bought the clothes!?!

Now, don't start with me.  I know that the baby is what he or she is.  And I can't change that by purchasing clothes.  And we will love him/her regardless.  But I can't help feeling a little silly about it.

I guess I should just show you what I bought.  After all - a little girl could wear it too.  We just might have to endure a ton of "what a cute boy you have" comments when we go out in public.  Well... the "my name is handsome" one might not work so well on a girl.  But about 12 of my friends are pregnant right now.  So I guess I could give them the clothes if we don't get a boy.  I guess.  If that was my only other option.

Anyway... here's what I got!  The skunk hoodie kills me!

Trouble Skunk Fleece Hoodie 
Handsome Stripe Two-Piece Set
Skunk Double Sleeve One-Piece


Michele said...

You are too funny! Glad you indulged yourself...and can you return them if needed?

Joel and Amy said...

Those ar too "stinken'" cute! Was just at Gymboree and had to get my son the skunk "Mr. Personality" t-shirt. Such a cute line, hope you are able to use them.

Nona Davenport said...

That thought didn't even cross my mind! You are pure genius! :)

Jessica said...

I so badly wanted a girl on our 2nd. Yes, I was very happy with a heathly boy or girl, BUT really really really wanted a girl. So I totally understand how you are feeling. It worked out for's to your little boy and his already purchased cute clothes.