Monday, October 10, 2011

Sewing Stockings

Last December I started knitting stockings for our family.  I finished two of them, then put them aside, because it wasn't Christmas anymore.  I figured that I'd finish the other 2 this year.  February and March and April came and went, and I did nothing with the stockings.  Then May hit and I had to start getting my inventory up for markets.  Then June - September came, and went.  Still nothing happened with the stockings.

Now we are in October - and I'm in my busiest knitting part of the year (for Christmas shows).  I did pull out the stockings, and sadly, decided that they were ugly, I didn't want to knit (now) 3 more of them, and the yarn would be better used for owl hats!


So I went on an etsy prowl for stockings, thinking I could purchase them.  I did find some very beautiful ones.  But at $50 a pop, that comes to $250 for stockings for our family!

Double Yikes!

As this is transpiring, the nutty, creative part of my brain piped up and said - "Nona - you are sewing now.  The stockings you love don't look "that" hard.  Why don't YOU make them?!?!"  :)  And for once, this part of my brain wasn't over stepping, or getting bigger than my ability (although this does often happen).

I popped over to YouTube for some instructional inspiration.  Then off to the fabric store I went to gather supplies.  I came home with some "trial" fabric, and within 2 hours, had whipped out my first stocking!  It was so cute!  And best off all, with the supplies I purchased, I was able to make 4 stockings, not just one with that fabric.

So back to the fabric store I went to get supplies in a few more colors.  And as of this morning, I have finished 8 stockings!  Whoohooo!!!   I'm going to keep working on them this week in the other colors.  I decided that we'll keep one of each color for our family, and then sell the extras.  Hopefully I'll have a nice assortment finished by the 22nd for my next big show.  And hopefully people will want to buy them!

Here are photos of the finished ones.  :)  Tomorrow, I'll post the process.  It's not quite step-by-step, but enough to get the idea of how I made them.

You might be wondering about names/personalization.  At this point I don't have a way to machine embroider them.  Our family isn't going to put names on ours.  That way, every year the kids can pick a different color and no one has to complain that "they always get stuck with the ugly yellow one".  It would be totally possible to hand embroider a name on, but I want to keep the price low, and can't do that if I have to personalize them.

PS... Don't forget to leave a message on THIS POST to enter to win 30 cards!  I'm less than 300 hits away from 200,000 hits, and that is when I'll pick a winner!  I'm guessing this will happen tomorrow - Wednesday at the very latest.


chris and arielle said...

I made some stockings last year for Chris and myself, but they turned out super small. I might have to try again this year - yours do look really cute! Baby won't be here yet, either, but... maybe I'll make one for him/her anyway! :)

Nona Davenport said...

When I made the pattern, I traced an old stocking we already had that I liked, and added 1/4" for seam allowance.
Would love to see yours! I think baby needs a stocking too. He/She may get presents after all! :)

Priemer Family said...

I love the stockings, makes me think I could "whip" some up for my own family! Um, maybe next year! I do like the idea of no names on the stockings...I might try that at my house!

Melissa said...

Love the stockings! Have been going to make some myself, but haven't gotten around to trying yet.